Quick Guide

Step-3: Dashboard/Actions Screen

Dashboard is where you get redirected after successful Login to www.incomeon.com , this screen displays multiple features and actions a user can perform


Left Manu/Left Side Bar

1.1 Your Name

  • it shows the user name you provided at the time of sign up (first and last name), by clicking your name, you will be redirected to your own timeline screen
  • You can create your own shop and if already created one, it will let you manage your shop

a. Before creating shop “Create Your own Shop”
b. After creating shop  “Manage your Shop”

  • You can Find/Search any Shop too.
  • You can watch an Online TV, a channel of your choice without navigating to any other website

1.2 Account

  • You can recharge your account to add money, so that you can promote your own posts/products/ads, Feed other’s posts/products etc. This money will be added through PayPal, western union, mobicash, easypaisa and Omni (an easy to understand step by step process to add money into your account)
  • You can withdraw the money you have added into your account

1.3 My Shops

  • You can open the shop screen you created through “Create your Shop”

1.4 Ad Management

  • You can add a Campaign/Ad “New Campaign”, this ad/campaign will appear into a place of your own choice that can be social timeline, business time line, right side or left side of the screen, you have to add some budget for advertisement posting
  • “My Campaign” will help you to track the statistics of the ads you posted, it will display total impressions and actions count and remaining budget of the ad. Once the budget is finished, the add will no longer kept posted over IncomeON, you will have to repost it by adding new budget.
  • You can check General Statistics of all the impressions, actions and clicks etc.

1.5 Pages

  • Link to your own page, if you created one. This page could be of any type i.e. informative, promotional, poetry, the one you created. Here you can add posts and people can perform actions against those posts.
  • You can create a new page if not created any
  • You can search the pages you followed (because you follow other’s pages), if any
  • Link to all the Political Parties pages to check their activities and posts, you can like and join one political party at a time
  • You can Search any page you want (either you liked or not)

1.6 Followed Shops

  • Link to Shops you followed, if any (because you follow other’s shops)

1.7 My Links

  • Your own links to your photos, videos, the political party you joined etc

1.8 User Settings

  • Settings of your account i.e. general and privacy settings
  • Logout from the portal

2. Social Timeline

  • It will show all the social posts from your friends as well as your own posts randomly. it will let you and your friends to like/dislike/comment/share the posts
  • There is a Feed and Promote feature for each post i.e. Feed is what you do to other’s posts and Promote is what you do for your own post, in both cases money will be added into the post that anyone can earn by performing actions
  • E.g. If it is someone else’s post you like or a post from your friend you want to help off, you can


    it by adding money to this post (for this action you must have money into your own account), See the below screenshot to understand the process of Feeding someone else’s post;

  • E.g. If it is your own post with no money you can


    it by adding money into it. Someone else can also feed it by adding money into it. See the screenshot below that explain the process of How one can Promote their own post?:

  • A post that is either Fed or Promoted will have a GREEN HEART, so any one who perform Like/Dislike/Comment/Share actions to this post will get some money against those actions (this action budget is defined by the donor, however it does have a minimum limit)
  • If a post neither Fed nor Promoted, it will have a RED HEART, which means any one can feed it by adding money. A Red hearted post won’t give any money to anyone who Likes/Dislikes/Comments/Shares it
  • You can re-Feed an already Fed (Green Hearted) post of some else by just clicking Feed button.
  • You can re-Promote an already promoted (Green Heart) own post by just clicking the promote button again.
  • What does Great Job do? It increases your income the way faster than you spend.
  • “Enable Great Job” feature is when you Enable Great Job button for any of your own post, anyone can Award Great Job to your post by clicking this enabled button and you will earn 0.1$
  • money for that. This way you get your money back (or even earn more than you spent) you spent while promoting your post. See the screenshot below to understand the process of Enabling Great Job feature.
  • You can disable this Great Job button any time you want
  • You can search any of your friends (you want to see the timeline of)

3. Business Timeline

  • It will display the products of any shops that you are following as well as your own products randomly if any
  • You can feed anyone’s product to add money into it
  • You can earn money by liking/disliking/commenting/sharing any Fed product
  • A product cannot be added into a shop unless user have money into their accounts
  • You can buy/hit a Product
  • You can Rate the Product
  • You can check the details of the product
  • You can go to Shops timelines to view more products
  • You can search any shop or product

4. iON Messenger/Live Chat (Right Side Gadget)

    • Chat is categorized into social and business chats. You can get in touch with your social contact (friends and family)as well as business friends by starting Chat, business chats are for buying any products or knowing more about products
    • You can search any friend/business you want to start chatting with

5. Notification Panel (Top right)

It has 4 features,

  1. Friend Requests (you can check the requests you received from people as well as the request you sent to others)
  2. News (you can check which posts are most liked/most commented/most disliked/most shared etc today, within last 7 days and within 30 days).
  3. Alerts (Notifications you receive for your own posts when people perform any action like feed your post, like/dislike/comment/share your post etc).
  4. Settings (you can change your account settings)

6. Friends Opinion

  • Random opinions posted by any friends including yourself, you can open any opinion window by clicking on the post.

7. Search

  • Search anything you want within IncomeON like friends, pages, shops, campaigns and products etc.

8. Updates

  • You can post any updates, status, images, videos and opinions etc here

9. Check your Account Balance/Income

  • You can check your earning (the money you made by doing actions)
  • You can check your Spending (the money you spent by feeding other’s posts and promoting your own, adding money to products/posts)
  • You can check your total account balance you added through Recharge account and earned with actions.

1. News Feed

  • It will post updated news through authenticated resources

11. Actions

  • User can like, dislike, comment, share, feed posts and promote posts, if it is a green hearted post user can earn money by performing any of these above said actions.

12. Place Your Ad Gadget

  • You can place your ad/classifieds/campaign here

Log on to your www.incomeon.com account and start socializing with your friends and family and don’t forget to make money online which is way easier than ever before. Just work hard on IncomeON and make your income ON.

Step-2: Login with IncomeON

If you are a registered user i.e. have signed up for IncomeON already, you don’t have to sign up again, just login with your email address and password


Step-1: Sign UP with IncomeON

To use www.incomeon.com a new user has to create account first i.e. Sign-Up. This is a registration process which takes basic information from the user just fill the form which is self-explanatory


IncomeON Overview

This is a quick overview of www.incomeon.com i.e. How to use it. It helps user understand the features and their flow. It is very easy to use and self-explanatory. While at IncomeON you can get social with your friends/family and earn money online. People from all over the world are the users of IncomeON who create accounts over www.incomeon.com to use social media only or to do business activities / make money online or to do both i.e. earn money while socializing. If you are a new user just Sign up, if an already signed up user just Login.

The IncomeON provides the following features:

  • This is Free and will always will be
  • It allows you to sign up/create account
  • When you sign up at www.incomeon.com it allows you to Login with your Email id and Password
  • IncomeON acts as a complete Social as well as online business shop tool. It provides you a complete social and business platform to track and manage your business, and social accounts.
  • IncomeON is for everyone i.e. those who want to do business, create online business shops and post advertisement and for those who want to use a social network to earn money
  • It allows you to manage your shops, posts, pages, advertisements, earnings, spending and friends.
  • Allows you to add money into your account/recharge your account using PayPal, Mobicash, Easypaisa, Omni and Western Union.
  • User can also withdraw the money from their accounts
  • IncomeON allows you to manage the social side (add/delete friends into your friend list) as well as business side (add/delete products into your shop).
  • Allows you to do live chat through iON Messenger with friends/family and business contacts separately.
  • Allows you to put your privacy settings the way you want
  • Allows to sell and buy (earn and spend)
  • Allows to do actions like/dislike/comment/share/feed/promote
  • Allows to join any favorite political party page to keep yourself updated
  • Allows you to watch and post videos, videos can be posted from YouTube and daily motion etc by just copy and pasting URLs
  • Allow user to enable Great Job feature for his/her own post and earn money whenever it is awarded by someone else, this money will directly go to the account of post owner.

It is only 3-steps away to start using it and making money online

  1. Sign Up
  2. Login
  3. Dashboard (like/dislike/comment/share, watching videos and great job)