What is IncomeON?

IncomeON is an online platform for social and business users. Unlike most social networks, IncomeON strongly believes in rewarding users who contribute to the platform’s growth and success. As a result, we serve ads and share up to 90% of platform revenue with #users from around the world. Our social media is the first of its kind. By financially supporting every user for their time, IncomeON is disrupting the modern social media norm. “We are helping people. If you’re spending time, we believe you should be compensated for your efforts and the relevance of your social network.” – Iqbal Akhtar Hussain, CEO & Founder.

Our global community includes people from all walks of life: celebrities, politicians, athletes, artists, everyday people and business people. From day one, IncomeON has been devoted to helping those in need. For the first time in social media history, users can earn money online by just doing simple actions. Users can help others by feeding their posts and awarding great job with the simple click of a button – no credit card or wallet needed.

How is IncomeON different from other social platforms?

Ownership – We believe in real ownership, which only exists when users own the rights to their content and capture the value that comes with it. Users should be compensated for their actions, posts, images and other content. It’s simple and it’s the right thing to do.

Access – We share social revenues with everyone, for any type of actions or level of influence. Using IncomeON requires nothing more than what you already do on other social media platforms today.

Empowerment- Our model is global, scalable, and designed to empower the user and business people.

Authentic Community- We are very focused on building an engaged community that is run and managed by users, therefore putting the needs and experience of our users first. If we discover bots, trolls, and spammers on the platform, they will be removed along with squatters or any other form of fake accounts. Additionally, we respect our audience and will not sell your data or run psychological experiments on users.

How does IncomeON work?

It works by paying users whenever they perform some actions (like, dislike, share and comment) over fed and promoted posts. People earn free money through other’s posts. So the vast the friend list is, bigger the chances are to earn money. Apart from this social part, there is a business timeline too where user can see Free Online products and Free classified ads, buy product. Live Chat is another great feature to stay in touch with your business, friends and family members separately

How to earn money online over IncomeON?

Earning money online is much easier by doing some actions. The Paid actions over IncomeON are;

  • Like
  • Dislike
  • Comment
  • Share
  • Getting a Great Job Award

How to sign-up with IncomeON?

The information/input required to sign-up is;

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender

How do I join IncomeON?

Anyone can join IncomeON whether a social user or business user by a simple sign up process that is absolutely free. User just needs to provide real information.

How to Spend Money over IncomeON?

User can spend money by;

  • Feeding other’s (friend’s) posts
  • Promoting own posts
  • Awarding Great job to others
  • Creating Free Online Business Shops
  • Adding Free Products
  • Posting Free Classified Ads

How to make a Post?

You can make different types of posts over IncomeON to let your friends know what are you upto and keep them updated.

  • You can make a simple text based post (status, opinions, diary and life event)
  • You can make a post with uploading an image (picture of the day) along with text
  • You can upload a video as a post
  • You can select a location to let your friends know where are you
  • You can select the privacy of the post even before posting it (Friends, Family and Business)

You can select the privacy of the post even before posting it (Friends, Family and Business)

My Contacts

Users on IncomeON are categorized as ‘Friends’, ‘Business‘ and ‘Family’ which provides three different levels of privacy. If you are friends with a user, then each of you automatically follow each other, and you will share both levels of content in your feeds (‘Public’ and ‘Friends Only’ posts). There are options to control content visibility to Friends. We suggest only befriending people you actually know or want to know. Trust us on this one!

How do I add another user as my friend?

To Friend a user, go to their Profile Page and click on the ‘Add Friend’ icon on the right of their cover photo. Select a category you want to add this person into i.e. Friend, Family and Business. A friend request will be sent to the user. They must respond to your request before you will be able to mutually see each other’s friend’s only posts. If they approve your Friend request, you will see the ‘Friend’ box checked (Unfriend) on their cover photo.

How do I Remove a Friend?

To remove a Friend, go to their Profile Page and click on the ‘Unfriend‘ icon on the right of their cover photo. This action will remove them and you should see that there is Add Friend option available again.

If I don’t want others to add me as their friends

Users have the option to display the ‘Add Friend‘ button on their profile. Go to Settings, Privacy, and uncheck the box next to the option ‘Receive friend request’.

How do I mentions/tag a user when I post content?

When posting content or commenting on any others’ content, you can use the ‘@’ symbol before a users’ profile name to mention them (tagging them), which will associate them with the post or comment.

How do I control who can see my posts?

‘Public’ means that your content will be visible to both Friends and people over IncomeON that are not in your friend list.

Friends Only‘ means that your content will not be visible to Public

Only Me‘ means that no one can see your posts/content

By default all posts are ‘Public’, unless the ‘Friends Only‘ and ‘Only Me‘ setting is specified. You can select ‘Friends Only’ in the menu to the left of the ‘Post’ button. This setting can also be changed after the post has been made.

If you wish to hide certain biographical information about yourself, go to your ‘About’ and ‘Settings’ Page.

To learn more about privacy within IncomeON visit Privacy Settings

How do I send private messages to others?

Go to the Profile Page of a friend and click on the ‘Message’ button to send this individual user a private message. You can also share photos in a private message.

Can I change my name?

Yes. A user can change their name by going to their profile picture in the upper right, which will take the user to their Account Settings page.

In settings, select ‘General’ and click on the edit icon and update information as needed.

Tip: Choose a simple name or use the same name you are known by on other social platforms (it’s easier for your audience).

Your username cannot be changed.

How do I change my Password?

Go to the upper right section of the site, click on your profile photo, select Settings and then go to General and then you can change your password.

Can I create multiple accounts?

You may have more than one profile. Profiles do not need to be of an individual. Additional accounts can be any of the following provided the account does not violate our terms.

  • Special interest topic pages (like “Cute puppies” or “Cool Tech Gadgets”)
  • Non-profit organization or any free business shop (provided it is owned by you)

IncomeON is a Platform for authentic and honest engagement. Users who contribute are welcome

How do I delete my account?

We’re sorry to see you go! You can delete your IncomeON account by clicking…. This action is permanent. Deleted accounts cannot be restored

How do I complete my profile information?

To complete your profile information, click on your profile picture on the upper right and choose your name OR go to the top of left menu and click your name. Once you are at the ‘About’ screen, you will be able to fill out fields pertaining to your personal information and profile.

Who can see my profile?

Profiles on IncomeON are public. The information that you display on it is up to you. You are only required to show your username and handle. Additionally you can only set privacy for the un-promoted/un-fed posts, posts with money will be Public with no privacy.

Who Can See My Posts?

‘Public’ means that your content will be visible to both Friends and public.

Friends Only‘ means that your content will not be visible to public

Only Me‘ means that your content will not be visible to anyone over IncomeON

How do I manage my notifications?

Go to the upper right section of the site and click on News tab. It will take you to another screen. From this page you can manage/see all the notifications you receive

Who Can be verified?

Verification is typically reserved for individual users or businesses, who want to withdraw money from IncomeON

How do I become a verified user on IncomeON?

There are 3 ways of verification over IncomeON

  • Phone verification: A verification code sent to your given mobile number, that you provide to IncomeON to confirm the verification process
  • Email Verification: A verification key sent to your registered email address, you provide to IncomeON to confirm the process
  • Address Verification: A verification code sent to your postal address

How Can I Recharge My incomeON Account?

Go to Recharge account link from the left menu and it will ask you to set a balance you want to add into your account, it will take you to PayPal screen

How to Verify My Email Address?

Make sure the provided/written email address is correct, press Send Verification Code button (IncomeON will send you a code) and you will receive a verification code at your inbox, put that code to verify your email address.

How to verify my phone number?

Make sure the provided/written phone number is correct, press Send Verification Code button (IncomeON will send you a code) and you will receive a verification code at your mobile, put that code to verify your phone number.

Minimum Withdraw-able Amount?

$10 is minimum withdraw-able amount from your IncomeON account, please note that;

  • You can only withdraw from your earnings
  • You have to spend 20% of your earnings before requesting a withdrawal

hen can I get money?

IncomeON takes 24 working/business hours (3-days) to process your payment request

Can I change my email address after signup?

NO, you cannot change your email address after signup

How can I withdraw money from my account?

Go to Withdraw Amount screen from the left menu and check if your earnings are more than $10, if yes just follow these steps;

  • Select Country
  • Select payment method (from the provided methods) you want to receive money through
  • Provide required information (information should be real and accurate, no fake entity will be entertained)
  • Press Process Withdraw button
  • Verify your email address
  • Verify your phone number
  • Verify your postal address
  • Once verified Withdraw money

How do we pay? Using which payment methods?

Payment methods are Country dependent. We pay using following payment methods inside the Pakistan

  • Mobicash
  • Easypaisa
  • UBLOmni

What Payment methods to withdraw money outside of Pakistan?

Outside of Pakistan we pay using PayPal

What is feeding Posts?

To add money into your friend’s post is called feeding a post, every post that is Fed by someone will have a green heart and will give others money who perform actions. A fed post can be re-fed by anyone

How can I feed someone else’s post?

Just click on the Feed button with a Heart displayed at the bottom right of the post and screen will expanded downwards to add money, add money, save the action, money will be deducted from your account, added to that post and you will get a message of Feed successful

Who can feed my Posts?

Anyone on IncomeON can feed your posts but must have money in their IncomeON account to feed

What is Promoting Posts?

To add money into your own post (action budget) that users may earn by performing different actions. a promoted post will have a green heart

Who can promote a Post?

Only you can promote your own posts, others can feed it only. This action requires money into your IncomeON account

What is a Great Job?

Great Job is a feature that gives money to a user who enables it for their own posts. Anyone can award great job to a great job enabled post but must have money into IncomeON account before awarding it

How can I create a free business shop with IncomeON?

Very simple! Just go to the page Create Shop from the top of your left menu and start filling a form that will take basic information about the shop

Creating an online business shop is absolutely free but adding products into the shop requires money into your IncomeON account because each product is posted with some promotion budget added into it

There are 6 categories available you can create free online business shop then with (Local Business, Company, Cause and Community, Artist/Band, Brand or Product and Entertainment)

How can I add products into the shop?

Go to your Free Online Shop Timeline and click on the Add Free Product Module (center of the page). It will take you to another screen where you provide basic information about the product (name, quantity, price, description and discount available on the product), upload product image and add a promotion budget for this product. Submit the information and product will be added into your store

How can I post a Free Classified Ad?

Posting a free classified AD is very easy, just click the ‘Classified’ button from top 2nd module of the dashboard screen or ‘New Campaign’ link from your left menu under the AD Management. It will take you to another Classified AD posting screen where you can read the terms to post an ad and provide basic information about the ad (Ad type, Ad place, Ad name, Ad URL, Ad description, Ad image and posting Ad budget). Once your Ad is posted over IncomeON, you can check statistics for this AD.

What is a Page?

You can create a page for anything. There are 6 categories available over IncomeON you can create a page with Local Business,  Company Business Profile, Cause and Community, Artist/Band, Brand or Product and Entertainment)

How can I create a Page?

Just click the ‘New Page’ link from the left menu and create a page. It will take basic information about the page (page name, page description and rights to post on the page). Page will be created and published over IncomeON. If ‘Only Admin can Post’ is selected then only page admin will have rights to post on the page. If ‘Followers can Post‘ is selected then anyone who is following the page including you can post on the page.